SELL A HOME In Oklahoma

Understanding your WHY

All good conversations start with someone talking and someone listening. This is how we learn about each other, what we have in common and how we can help.

At Best Oklahoma Homes, we always put your needs first and we know that having an opportunity to work with you, to serve you, rather, is a privilege.

We will start by understanding “Why” you want to sell your home. Is it a new job or retirement? A growing family or an empty nest? Maybe you just want a bigger or newer home?

Understanding The Market & Your Home

Next, we will work towards understanding market data. What are homes in the area selling for? What are the average days on market? What do these homes look like inside and outside? And determine if this information line up with your expectations.

Now, we go a little deeper, getting to know you and your home. As we tour, we will ask a lot of questions, learning about your home so that we can educate buyers with accurate information about your special touches, care, and updates.

Preparing a Custom Marketing Plan

We will discuss a marketing plan. Preparations on the electronic side result in the creation of the listing online within the Multiple Listing Service. The local MLS acts as the data warehouse for popular online sites like Zillow,, Google, and others that consumers use to search for homes and investment property.

Getting Your House Ready

On the brick-and-mortar side, we will advise on cleaning, painting, repairing, de-cluttering, landscaping, and tuning up items like the roof, air conditioner, heater, electrical panel, and plumbing systems.

The cosmetic updates will get buyers interested as they view the home online. Addressing infrastructure will keep buyers interested and build confidence as they compare your home to newer construction.

As repairs wind down and your home is ready for market, it is time for professional photos and video. We believe that the best media show off the features of your home and surroundings in a realistic manner rather than resulting in an “in-person” experience that does not match up to what consumers have seen online.

Going Live & Updates

While getting ready to go “live,” we will ramp up marketing efforts with email blasts to local agents, social media posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and schedule open house events for buyers and agents. All of this while providing you with regular discussions and updates on our activities and results, always inviting your feedback.

In closing, we believe that having a good sales plan includes understanding your needs, having a strong sense of the market, a polished presentation of your home online and in person, transparent sharing of information about your home, and consistent outreach to potential buyers and their agents.


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