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Welcome to Mustang, Oklahoma - City with a Vision

Welcome to Mustang in Canadian County, Oklahoma! This city has a rich history dating back to the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889 and has grown significantly since its establishment in 1901, particularly after the Oklahoma City and Western Railroad passed through the area. Despite this growth, Mustang, Oklahoma – City with a Vision has maintained its small-town charm, making it an ideal location for those seeking a tight-knit community.

Fun fact: Mustang was named after a nearby creek to the north. Mustang is well-suited to families looking for a great place to raise kids, with numerous family-friendly activities and events available. The city also offers the convenience of a big city while maintaining its close-knit feel. We hope you enjoy exploring all that Mustang has to offer.

Mustang Broncos Stadium
Mustang High School Stadium
Mustang Wildhorse Park
Mustang Town Center

Mustang is a city that offers a plethora of amazing experiences that is sure to leave you feeling content and fulfilled. One such attraction that has captivated visitors is Wild Horse Park. This vast, 158-acre complex offers a diverse range of facilities and amenities like scenic trails, a playground, a pond, picnic pavilions, various sports complexes and an incredible aquatic facility.

When you’re in Mustang and hunger strikes, worry not! The city has an array of fantastic restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Embark on a culinary journey with beloved picks like Thai or Pho, Los Vaqueros Mexican Restaurant, Del Rancho, S&B’s Burger Joint, or Louigiano’s Italian Restaurant.

Plan a visit to Mustang in the month of September and you’ll be able to partake in their annual Western Days event. Taking place on the first full weekend after Labor Day, this celebration features some of the most charismatic cowboy and cowgirl contests, soul-stirring gospel music, a fiery chili cook-off, an action-packed rodeo, and other memorable experiences.

With top-notch schools, affordable housing opportunities, and a wealth of activities, Mustang is the kind of city that you’ll want to call home.

So, come on over and experience the wonder for yourself!

Annual Western Days

Roots dating to the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889

“When the cannons boomed a noon, thousands of pioneers surged forward.
Those on fast horses raced ahead of the wagons, surreys and plow stock.
Some stopped and staked claims; others sped on.
By nightfall, every tract had a claimant, and some tracks had several claimants.
Multiple claimant typically tossed a coin to settle a dispute”

Mustang Land Run Participants

Did you know?

  • Mustang covers 12 sq mi
  • 18 largest city in Oklahoma 
  • Established in 1901 
  • Chisholm Trail is a part of Mustang’s history 


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